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If you are looking for a reliable hunting tool, look no further than the Barnett Jackal Crossbow. You cannot afford not to have this amazing masterpiece during your hunts. The price is very fair and covers shipping costs, and so you will be spared from the trouble of paying extra money to have it delivered at your doorstep.

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Barnett Jackal Crossbow Review

With the Barnett Jackal crossbow, you can literary shoot down any animal no matter the size. This is because it has plenty of force at a draw weight of 150 lb. There are very few hunting tools that have such a strong draw weight. Your executions will no longer take ages.

Every single arrow that is fired by the Barnett Jackal travels at a speed of 315 FPS.

The firing speed makes it a perfect match for hunting due to the fact that animals are always on the move. It would be very difficult to shoot a fast-moving game with a crossbow that has a lower FPS. Speed and draw weight are very important factors of a crossbow. In fact, it’s these two features that greatly affect the price of a hunting tool. The more the draw weight and FPS, the more money you will cough up to get the crossbow.

The stock of Barnett Jackal crossbow is made to look like that of a military weapon. It’s therefore very comfortable to use because hand reminders are engraved on its side. The entire tool weighs 7 pounds and so you can carry it for many hours without feeling exhausted. Once an arrow is loaded, it’s pulled up to 12 inches before it’s released to make sure it flies further.

high quality

The crossbow is coated with a camouflage finish to make it blend well with the outdoor environment. When you go into the woods with the Barnett Jackal crossbow, game will hardly notice you. That gives you an advantage to hit them unaware. There is a weaver rail that ensures that the arrows are released smoothly.

The rail is actually enhanced by very strong wheels.

AVI Quiver For Holding Arrows

You cannot go for a hunt with one arrow. You need several arrows for the sake of making consistent shots in case the first one misses your target. The Barnett Jackal crossbow comes with an AVI quiver for holding arrows. The quiver is detachable which means you can connect a large one for holding many arrows. The crossbow uses an AVI (Anti-vibration Isolation) system to keep noise levels to a minimum. Even if the tool fell off your shoulders, the string cannot come off because it’s firmly tied.

package content

The crossbow comes with a lock for stopping unintended shots. The trigger itself weighs 3.5 pounds and hence can be easily pulled. There is a strong cable system that is thick enough for extended use. It’s recommended that you wax the cable regularly. Doing so helps in reducing friction that causes it to wear out with time.

There are three 20-inch arrows to enhance your supply. Besides that, there is a red dot sight to help you focus on your prey for the sake of achieving precision. In such a case, every arrow you fire will definitely end up in the game’s flesh.



  • Has a draw weight of 150 lb.
  • Vision is enhanced by red dot sight
  • Arrows travel at a speed of 305 FPS
  • You get three arrows for free

The Pros:

  • Three 20-inch arrows
  • Red dot sight
  • Three-arrow quiver
  • Speed of 315 FPS
  • Draw weight of 150 lb.
  • Synthetic cable system
  • High-energy wheels
  • 5-pound trigger pull
  • High-definition camouflage
  • AVI foot stirrup
  • ADF MIM trigger mechanism

scope in details

The Cons:

  • Low FPS
  • Low draw weight
  • Low magnification sight instead of high quality scope


The Barnett Jackal crossbow is light and powerful. The hunting tool has a draw weight of 150 lb. Arrows leave the crossbow at a speed of 315 FPS.  The package comes with three 20-inch arrows and a quiver for holding them. There is a red dot sight to enhance your vision. The quiver is large enough to hold three 20-inch arrows.


If you are looking for a crossbow that will give you comfort and excellent performance at the same time, look no further than Barnett Jackal. It’s speed and draw weight has been enhanced to match with those of high-end crossbows. In case you need a crossbow with a higher FPS and draw weight, you should consider trying out the Carbon Express Intercept Axon Crossbow or the SA Sports Fever Crossbow or Barnett Quad 400.



The Barnett Jackal crossbow is very unique. It’s fairly priced when compared to other similar tools in this category. It shoots arrows at an amazing speed of 315 FPS. That speed is sufficient to reach any target even if it’s on the move. The hunting tool comes with a draw weight of 150 lb. With such an impact, there is no game that can not be hunted down. And to make sure you don’t release stray arrows, there is a 3 red dot sight to aid your vision.

If you need a hunting tool with more draw weight and speed, you should go for the Carbon Express crossbow. It’s a high-end product and so it’s more costly than other tools in this category. The arrows are actually shot at a speed of 360 FPS. With such a speed, no animal can run away from your arrows because they strike with a lightening speed.

The draw weight is 175 lb. and so any animal can be brought down with a single shot.

It has a very powerful 4×32 lighted scope that’s bound to enhance your vision than ever before. The quiver is inbuilt and it comes with three free arrows. The quiver is inserted into an internal compartment for easy loading. A rail lubricant is included in the deal.

The SA Sports Fever crossbow is also a fair deal because it’s in the same price range with Barnett Jackal crossbow. The tool comes with a draw weight of 175 lb. and a speed of 245 FPS. Though these features are not equal to those of the Barnett Jackal, it’s still a good hunting weapon because it’s lighter than the Carbon Express and so it can be used for lengthy hunting sessions. The crossbow comes with a padded sling and a four-arrow quiver. There is also a scope for boosting your focus.

a look in the scope

After analyzing all the above products, we can conclude by noting that Barnett Jackal crossbow is the best bargain. It’s pricing is affordable and it comes with a high FPS of 315. The crossbow has a premium dot sight for precision shooting and the package comes with three free arrows and a quiver to hold them.

The SA Sports Fever crossbow is the second best deal. The price is pocket friendly and it comes with standard features such as a scope and a fair draw weight of 175 that is complimented by the 245 FPS speed. There is also a quiver that is reserved for containing the arrows. The Carbon Express is therefore the third best option because it is expensive. Nonetheless, it has a high draw weight at 175 lb. This crossbow has the highest speed at 360 FPS.

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