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Most people’s first impression of the Barnett Vengeance (including mine) is that it looks very cool, this is mainly due to the unconventional reverse draw system that the Vengeance utilizes, this system doesn’t just look cool however, it provides several advantages and performance benefits over the more standard compound designs such as improved placement of the center of gravity, faster reloading, as well as a more compact design. Despite how impressive the reverse draw design may be it is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the amount of technology that the Vengeance features. In this Barnett Vengeance crossbow review we will do in depth with this futuristic weapon to see if it is the right crossbow for you.

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barnett vengeance crossbow


  • Draw Weight: 140 lbs
  • Kinetic Energy: 118
  • Power Stroke: 18 Inches
  • FPS: 365
  • Total Weight: 7.9 lbs
  • Length: 33.75 Inches
  • Width: 23.25 Inches
  • Arrow Lgth./Grain 20″/400


Crossbow Type

Reverse Quad Limb Compound – An ambitious variation on the standard quad limb system, reversing the direction of the limbs shifts the bulk of the crossbow’s weight towards the back nearer to the shooter which makes it very easy to handle and allows for great balance and a very stable shot.

Although the design gives the appearance of being very high tech it is actually just as simple, if not more so than a normal compound crossbow…

side view and assembly

Barnett Vengeance Assembly

The Barnett Vengeance seems to have a relatively easy assembly process, however some of the screws have to be placed very precisely and several customers have reported having a bit of trouble with that part of the process though no one seemed to be stumped completely. I would recommend viewing a YouTube video on the assembly of the Vengeance as the general consensus on the instruction manual does not seem to be positive. You can reasonably expect to have the Barnett Vengeance ready to fire in around 30 minutes (I would also recommend checking this post).


  • CRT (Carbon Riser Technology) – This technology reduces the weight of the Barnett Vengeance by 43% compared to standard risers compositions by replacing much of the riser construction with a lightweight carbon. The combination of CRT and reverse draw technology is unique to the Vengeance and is obviously a winning combo as it makes the crossbow light, compact, and balanced without sacrificing any strength or durability.
  • ADF/MIM Trigger Technology – A standard technology set on modern crossbows, this system allows for a crisp yet very light 3.5 lb trigger pull even on crossbows with very high draw weights, at the same it increases the safety rating of the crossbow by automatically engaging the safety when it is cocked, and not allowing the safety to be released until an arrow is properly loaded into position.
  • 3x32mm Multiple Reticle Scope – A quality scope that allows you to choose between three different colors of reticles and is illuminated for better low light visibility it isn’t the best and isn’t the worst but it is certainly enough for hunting and perfect for beginners.
  • Rope Cocking Device – This standard rope cocker adds good value to the Barnett Vengeance package, however it seems as though those who are on the shorter side (under 5’8”) may have troubles using this cocker in its base state due to its length. However shortening the string is a rather simple process and should remedy this problem but it is something to take note of.
  • 3x Barnett Headhunter 20” Arrows – Three of Barnett’s popular Headhunter bolts are included with the Vengeance package these bolts come equipped with field tips and are very suitable for hunting once you attach your broadhead of choice. These make a great addition to the package.
  • Premium Quick Detach Quiver –This quiver holds three bolts (20-22 inch) and is designed to be able to be removed quickly should the need arise which is useful in a hunting scenario. It is composed of a very durable composite and is of a high build quality.

Performance Overview

The Barnett Vengeance radiates high tech sleekness, and this is exactly how it performs. With a very efficiently used 140 lbs of draw weight the Vengeance is perfectly capable of taking down whatever game you should choose to aim it at and it will do it in minimal shots due to its high accuracy which stays dead at ranges exceeding 50 yards, and speaking of range this crossbow is actually capable of slinging a bolt out to 90 yards, although no ordinary hunter and probably not many extraordinary ones for that matter need to shoot at ranges like that.


While this performance is impressive it is even more impressive when you consider how easy the Barnett Vengeance is to handle, the superb balance of the Vengeance makes the moderate 8 lbs of weight feel like half that as well as giving it a very nimble feel. Another advantage of the reverse draw design is that it reduces vibration and noise significantly and when coupled with Barnett’s standard noise reduction technologies it makes the Vengeance whisper quiet compared to crossbows of comparable power.

Overall, the Barnett Vengeance is an extremely solid crossbow that performs with the best of the best, but it delivers this performance with a very unique style that makes it a very interesting piece of weaponry. So if you’re looking to set yourself apart from the crowd and also get a top notch crossbow the Barnett Vengeance is for you.

Customer Reviews

“POSITIVES: The looks are by far the best part of the crossbow. It looks sleek and high-tech. The trigger pull is crispy and quick. The crossbow is BLAZING FAST and extremely accurate. The reverse draw makes it well balanced compared to other traditional crossbows…(read more here: Barnett Vengeance Review)”

“Compact, easy to cock, fast, powerful, silent, deadly accurate. The reticles in the scope are dead on. Sight in the top at 20 yards and you can throw a bullseye at 30, 40 and 50 every time…(read more here: Barnett Vengeance Review)”

Pros & Cons


Value – Although it is a fairly high priced crossbow the wealth of technology as well the extras that are included in the package make the Vengeance a very good deal for its price point.

Performance – This crossbow performs absolutely valiantly in all regards, even over performing in some areas, anyone who picks up this crossbow is likely to be highly satisfied with how it shoots.

Ease of use – The compactness, light weight, and balance of the Vengeance make it easy to carry and handle for even inexperienced users.

Uniqueness – While this might not be a major talking point for all, there is literally not another crossbow like the Barnett Vengeance so this makes it a must have for collectors and any hunter that likes to separate themselves from the pack.

professional scope


Assembly can be tricky – Customers have reported a few minor issues with the assembly process of the Vengeance that may extend the time that it takes to put it together a little beyond the average, however there seem to only be small inconveniences involved and any major problems can be easily solved by contacting Barnett’s customer service.

Cocking – Smaller framed users have reported that the included cocking device can be difficult to use without adjusting it first. Luckily adjustment is a simple task so this shouldn’t prohibit anyone from using the Barnett Vengeance.

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