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The Barnett Zombie 350 CRT could best be described as a dark horse in Barnett’s lineup, it delivers very solid performance comparable to Barnett heavy hitters such as the Ghost 350 or 400 but at a significantly lower price point, in addition the Zombie 350 package comes with many of the same accessories and extras that these more expensive crossbows ship with making it a great value all around. One would think that a crossbow with good performance and a myriad of extras would have to sacrifice build quality to achieve a decent price point but this is not the case with the Zombie 350 as customer satisfaction is very high and the crossbow is equipped with Barnett’s standard array of technologies.

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This review will detail what you can expect to get if you choose to pick up this underrated crossbow.


  • FPS: 350
  • Draw Weight: 175 lbs
  • Kinetic Energy: 116 ft lbs
  • 12” Power Stroke
  • Total Weight: 7.8 lbs
  • 7/8” Picatinny Rails
  • Length: 36”
  • Width: 23.25”

Barnett Zombie 350


Crossbow Type

Quad Limb Compound – Structurally the Zombie 350 is very similar to the Barnett Ghost 350 and as such uses a standard quad limb design, this structure allows for a large amount of tension to be placed on the four limbs and by extension a large amount of energy to be produced by the crossbow as a whole, the strength of the limbs is enhanced by a custom composite lamination which also protects against weather and general wear. Barnett has also included anti-vibration technology to reduce to the amount of noise the Zombie produces in addition to improving its accuracy.


Barnett has simplified the assembly of the Zombie 350 to a minimum. Most customers report being able to assemble the Zombie in under 15 minutes and all tools and instructions are included in the package.

Barnett Zombie 350 CRT Features

  • ADF-MIM Trigger system – The ADF-MIM system, standing for anti dry fire – metal injection molded trigger system is a standard on recent Barnett crossbows, this system automatically engages the safety on the crossbow when it is cocked and doesn’t allow it to be released until an arrow/bolt is properly loaded which increases the safety factor of the Zombie 350 and helps to prevent dry firing which can be damaging to the crossbow. In addition this trigger design also allows for crossbows with a very high draw weight to still maintain a relatively light and smooth trigger pull (around 3.5 pounds) which contributes to the accuracy of the crossbow.
  • CRT (Carbon Riser Technology) – A Barnett proprietary technology which lightens up their crossbows while maintaining strength and durability. This feature is especially prominent on the Barnett Zombie 350 and is a major contributing factor to its reputation as “one of the lightest crossbows to ever come out of the Barnett factory”. The inclusion of CRT combined with clever weight distribution make the Zombie 350 a very easy to handle crossbow.
  • Rope Cocking Device – The Barnett Zombie 350 CRT package comes with a rope cocking device as standard which adds value to the package as a cocking aid is a necessity due to the high draw weight of this crossbow.
  • 3×32 mm Illuminated Scope – This scope which is included in all Zombie 350 packages is of very good quality and features 5 levels of brightness and a choice of either a red or green reticle. Customers report that it is quite accurate out to at least 60 yards with adjustable focus levels, and is overall a good compliment to the Zombie.
  • 3 x 20” Arrows – Three basic Barnett carbon arrows with field tips, these are hunt quality arrows but you’ll probably want to upgrade to take full advantage of the Zombie 350’s capabilities.
  • 3 Arrow Quiver – A standard composite quiver that holds three 20” arrows/bolts.


Performance Overview

In true dark horse fashion the Barnett Zombie 350 CRT matches and even outperforms many crossbows in its price range and above. Many customers have reported unexpectedly potent performance from the Zombie, reports include severe over-penetration at extreme ranges (60+) as well as pinpoint accuracy as well as a smooth release. This sort of performance is possible because of the efficiency of the Zombie’s cam and string system that uses the 175 pounds of draw weight to maximum efficiency. Despite its power output the Zombie 350 is surprisingly quiet and easy to handle and as long as you utilize a cocking aid of some sort the time between shots should be pretty low.

Overall the Barnett Zombie 350 CRT is an over performing, underpriced crossbow that is very likely to satisfy anyone who likes to get the absolute maximum value for their money.

Customer Reviews

“When i got my zombie 350 i couldnt wait to open the box and put it together. barnett packaged this product very well. nothing was scratched and everything was in perfect condition. i had this thing un boxed and put together in less than ten minutes…(read more here: Barnett Zombie 350 CRT Review)”

“When i got my zombie 350 i couldnt wait to open the box and put it together. barnett packaged this product very well. nothing was scratched and everything was in perfect condition. i had this thing un boxed and put together in less than ten minutes. this x bow is a silent killing machine! it has so much power and is insanely fast. it came with three 20” bolts, quick detach quiver, and a 3 power scope as advertised…(read more here: Barnett Zombie 350 CRT Review)”

awesome speed and accuracy

pros and cons

Pros & Cons


  • Value – For its price point the Barnett Zombie 350 CRT is a difficult crossbow to beat, the package includes all the extras of crossbows that are $50-100 more expensive and it doesn’t sacrifice on performance or technology. It is truly a great deal.
  • Performance – Speaking of performance the Zombie 350 easily matches or outperforms many crossbows near and even above its price point and is fully capable of downing just about any game you might encounter.
  • Style – One thing that many customers that have purchased the Barnett Zombie 350 have noted is its sleek tactical finish highlighted with red cams.


Loosening Components – A few buyers have reported that some of the Zombies parts may become loose from continued firing, however this is not a fatal flaw nor uncommon with high power crossbows, though it is noteworthy as loose components can affect performance.

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