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This superb crossbow has great features that actually make it top among the many other crossbows in the market right now. Weighing in at 175 pounds draw weight and a stroke of 12.6 inches, the tenpoint turbo gt crossbow has spectacular speeds of up to 360 feet per second. You can therefore blast an arrow and make sure that you actually catch your prey before it runs away for safety. For archers and those who just love hunting, this crossbow might just be a very good choice you can think of when looking for a professional crossbow.

Going deeply into the features and specifications of this crossbow, you will understand why it is ranked among the top. In this article, you will get to understand the entire functionality and design through the tenpoint turbo gt review.

As a start, we can look at some of the pros and cons of this crossbow and see just what you can expect when using it.

Pros & Cons


  1. It has good speed. As stated earlier, this particular crossbow has speeds of up to 360 feet per second which is ideally quite high. This will therefore enable you to aim and shoot at a prey or target just at the right time and speed.
  2. It is lightweight. The weight of the crossbow is something to consider when purchasing it. A heavy crossbow would give you a hard time when hunting or using it due to the fact that you need to move around and reposition yourself when making the shot. The tenpoint turbo gt is light and easy to carry around and thus you wouldn’t have much hustle when hunting using it. This means that you can carry it when running towards your target or prey and you can also carry it without much exhaustion.
  3. It has great safety features. Just like any other weapons, crossbows are quite dangerous and can pose a risk if used in the wrong manner. Again if handled incorrectly, they could hurt the user or those around too. Each crossbow is designed in such a manner that these safety issues are reduced. This crossbow also has a wide range of safety features unique to it and that are very helpful in ensuring that you keep safe when using it. Therefore you need not to worry about your safety because it is covered.
  4. It has an awesome design. Just looking at the crossbow itself would make you fall for it because of the great design and shaper. While this is not all, it is actually something to appreciate about the ten point turbo gt crossbow. In addition to the exquisite design, the crossbow also has an integrated cocking mechanism that enables the archer to easily draw and release the arrow when aiming towards the target. This means that one will get the perfect shot without having to struggle much since the crossbow works in coordination to deliver the right strike for the archer.


  1. Has no noise dampeners. As much as this is important, it is not actually a must. It would rarely affect the way you hunt or the way you target and shoot your prey.

acudraw technology

Design of the Crossbow

The design of anything is what actually motivates most to purchase the item. Many people first look at which crossbow is attractive to the eye before purchasing it. This means that design is just as important as the functionality. The tenpoint turbo gt crossbow has an impeccable design that is sure to attract anyone. It has a nice quality camo design that easily blends with many natural backgrounds. This blend is quite necessary because it would act as a disguise to the prey which wouldn’t easily notice that they are being hunted down. From the stock of the crossbow to the feel of the grip, this design delivers great comfort for the user. Thus when using this crossbow, you wouldn’t struggle much or strain yourself in due process. Isn’t that just what you’ve been looking for in a crossbow?

Speed and Power

The turbo gt crossbow has a great speed for hunting down prey. At 360 feet per second, you will be able to catch any fast dashing prey if you aim properly. The speed of the release is very vital when hunting. Any slight delay would mean that you lose your target. With this crossbow, you will not only aim perfectly but also shoot perfectly with its superb speed. When it comes to the power at which the arrows are shot from this crossbow, it is just totally amazing. This crossbow has ability to shoot arrows at a kinetic energy of 109 ft-lb. depending of the arrows that you choose, your release speeds will be between 340-360 feet per second. In essence lighter arrows deliver higher speeds than heavier ones. It is therefore advisable to choose the right arrow which in this case is the light one if you’re looking at high hunting speeds. A heavy arrow would only deliver low speeds but in essence the shot would be more powerful. A heavier arrow has a higher kinetic energy on impact than a lighter arrow. Taking this into consideration, we would therefore see that when it comes to penetration power and strength, a heavier arrow would deliver more than a light arrow.

A light arrow would only be fast but when it comes to delivery, the former would have more impact.

In all this, balance is the key. As much as high speed may be important or the kinetic energy, without proper balance then it would be hard to get the perfect shot. One thing to put in mind about the speed of the arrow is that the higher the speed the higher the noise that is produced. It is therefore wise to choose appropriately when hunting because noise while hunting can be a huge stumbling block. This is because it would alert the prey or target into safety thus making you to loose.

Heavier arrows and in any case just any heavy projectile tend to have more momentum and kinetic energy during penetration. All in all having a good crossbow will enable you to make the best shot whether you are using a light arrow or a heavy one. The choice of the arrow is only but a matter of preferences.


The distance at which you are shooting would affect the speed and power of your shot. The kinetic energy of the arrow reduces as it continues to move forward towards the prey. This means that when you make your shot from a long distance, your speed will highly reduce by the time the arrow arrives at the prey. This being the case, it is important to be close enough to the prey when aiming but again not too close.

Again depending on the weather, it would vary on the distance you should be from the prey when making an aim.


With the 3X scope, the turbo gt comes pre-sighted and does a great job. With this you can aim for your target and make a perfect shot which is sure to nail down your prey.

Safety and Precautions

In the ten point turbo gt review above, you have or might have noted that it comes with improvised measures to ensure that you are safe when hunting and that the people around you are also safe. Safety as stated earlier is one very important factor. Weapons such as these can be very dangerous if mishandled and used recklessly. Again without good build and functionality design, it is again dangerous to use such a weapon. Not all the crossbows are made with features that protect the user and those around. Some of the crossbows are just made to hunt and that’s it, no safety precaution features. As much safety starts with you, it is important that the device also bare some precaution features that can keep the archer safe.


Luckily for this crossbow, there are a number of features that are present built to take care of the user when hunting and during operation. The cut outs within the grip for instance, encourage the archer to insert the fingers through it and in due process protecting the hands and keeping them safe and sound. This also reduces the chances of strain during usage as the hands are kept comfortable.

The extended safety wings are important to ensure that your hands are safe. They prevent any instance where your fingers could accidentally go above the shooting deck and interfere with the path of the string. This saves the hand from potential damage and hurt during aiming and shooting. The auto engaging safety trigger automatically leaves your crossbow’s safety in “on” position when cocked and has to be turned off manually before a shot can occur.

You can get this crossbow in a variety of places including online vendors. The tenpoint turbo gt for sale is therefore one of the best crossbows you can choose to purchase.


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