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There is a real thrill in heading out to the wilderness in search of the chase. How to hunt coyotes is not very difficult if you have the correct mindset, some good techniques, a steady hand, and a bit of good fortune. The coyote is an exceptional animal. It is very intelligent so you will find it very difficult to outwit him. Hunting for coyotes takes stamina, patience, and skill, but if done properly it can offer you one of the richest thrills that you will ever get. Planning on hunting a coyote? Don’t worry, there are many ways to effectively catch one, and there are several products you can use. Here is the best-selling coyote hunting gear in 2017.


Wildlife Research 526 Coyote Juice Calling Scent (8-Fluide Ounce)

Coyote Hunting Gear

Coyotes typically circle around and come near calling sets from the direction in which the wind is blowing, similar to trapping a prey. Using a good quality predator calling scent aids in perfecting your calling set-up and making it more realistic to incoming predators. Wildlife Research’s high quality Coyote Juice makes your calling set-up more lifelike, as it attracts to their possessiveness, curiosity, and hunting instincts.

It is a top-quality scent for alluring coyotes, since it attracts predators from a very long range. Therefore, it can also seduce a coyote in a big swathe of its area. We suggest that you should use this product with a coyote call. The reason behind for this suggest is because when you use the call alone, coyotes will take a long time surrounding around it prior to getting near it. However, with the scent, it will make the call sound and smell realistic for the predator, and probably make it quicker for them to get near at the same time.

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BestFire Portable HS-802 Tactical Flashlight

The BestFire Portable HS-802 Tactical Flashlight kit comes with a single set of rings, one pressure switch, single charger and two flashlights. Although, you can choose to have either the green flashlight alone or the red light. You’ll notice that the green light is brighter than the red, but it’s not really of a big deal. The red flashlight has the capacity to project light up to a hundred yards, while the green flashlight can go for around 175 yards.

The flashlight is attached on top of a 30.06, while the pressure switch is mounted to the forearm. The pressure switch can be a little bit stiff to make sure that you don’t accidentally activate it while holding your gun.

Ultimately, this is fair setup for the price given. Other than the flashlight being heavy, the attachments mounted well and conveniently.

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OxGord Live Animal Trap

OxGord Live Animal Trap

If you’re looking for a humane way to catch coyotes annoying your backyard, then you should consider buying the OxGord Live Animal Trap. Like a normal trap, it’s easy to use, bait, set and release. It features a very easy setup mechanism that allows you to prepare it in a few seconds. Although it is an effective bait for animals, you should be cautious on where to set it up, and prevent your pets from trapping themselves inside by putting it in a place they don’t frequent.

Aside from being easy to set up, it also has an ample amount of space in between the pressure plate and bait area, ensuring that whatever it catches doesn’t end up trapped below the door when it snaps down. It’s very solid, so trapped animals won’t be able to escape. Since it’s really lightweight and convenient to carry, you can also use it to hunt coyotes in the wild.

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Discover the Challenge of Coyote Hunting

Coyotes are found in abundance throughout the continental United States, Canada, and as far south as Panama. Related to the Gray Wolf, the coyote is a really adaptable animal, which for the most part this is a response to human encroachments on its territory. This is one of the things that make a challenge of coyote hunting. Coyotes have adapted to human behavior, some even venturing into and surviving in suburban and urban landscapes. In some areas, coyote attacks on humans have been on the increase. So what are the real challenges for the hunter?

hunting game

This is a really fun sport and most people will find that the coyote hunting element is far better than the actual coyote killing element. The first major challenge for the coyote hunter is to know his prey. This is easier said than done because of the coyotes adaptability. You must understand some of the psychology of the Coyote, what makes it tick.

You have to be able to read the environment as a coyote would, and you must be able to use your own intelligence in order to outwit such a clever animal…

Coyotes have very special talents, and none more so than their sense of smell. The coyote’s sense of smell is highly developed and is used very effectively when it is hunting its prey or seeking out carrion. It is also used to detect the scent trails of other coyotes, used to mark out territorial areas. So the hunter would be well advised to try and make themselves as odorless as possible. You should also be careful to position yourself downwind of your prey at all times. This will lessen the chances of the coyote becoming aware of your presence.

Your coyote hunting  gear and weapon choice is another important factor. Light calibers are the regular choice of most small-time hunter’s, all you’re going to need most of the time is a 22 magnum. A lot of your shots are going to be taken at around 100 yards so you won’t require an overly priced telescopic sight. This type of rifle will allow you to shoot well, have plenty of power, and still be able to hold your control. If you are hunting to sell the coyote pelts, a larger rifle will almost certainly ruin the hide.

best rifle for coyote hunting

To improve your chances of remaining unspotted by the coyote for as long as possible, you should choose your camouflage pattern wisely. Think about what you are doing; get the camouflage gear which will blend in to your surroundings. However, no matter how well camouflaged you think you are, you must at all times be aware of your movements.

Try to stay as close to trees or shrubbery as you can…

Coyote calling is a great way to take advantage of the predatory habits of this animal. The coyote will always zero in on the sounds that its prey makes when it is injured or dying. Your task is to imitate the sounds as closely as possible. It isn’t hard to learn, and once you master a few simple techniques you will find that your chances of bagging a coyote will increase dramatically.

In future articles we will go into more depth about the actual hunt and how best to improve your results but, for now, hopefully we have been able to whet your appetite and leave you wanting a bit more so you can actually discover the fun of coyote hunting for real one day.

Things You Should Know Before Hunting

Before you even think about how to hunt a coyote, you have two make sure that you have the right coyote hunting equipment. So, your equipment list is obviously going to start with the type of rifle you are going to hunt with. Now, the coyote is not a huge animal, so unless you want to completely destroy any trace that the coyote was ever in front of you, you don’t really need to use a large caliber rifle. Having said that, what is the best caliber of rifle to use for coyote hunting?

tips and strategies

Most coyote hunters will not use anything larger than a 223 caliber rifle. This will take down any animal in the size range of a coyote without destroying its pelt. Another factor that you have to decide upon is the size of rifle scope that you’re going to use. Most coyote hunting will require that you are within about 100 – 200 yards of the prey, so your telescopic sight does not need to be of exceptional quality. And, when it comes to bullets, these should rapidly disintegrate when they impact, a hunting grade hollow point will usually do the trick. This will eliminate ricochets and minimize pelt damage. Once you have your rifle, you should purchase some camouflage clothing which will blend into the environment where you intend hunting. This is also very important because if the coyote spots you and recognizes you as a human being, he will take off into the sunset and you will never see him again.

Oh, and never wear anything that gives you an odor, coyotes noses are very sensitive and they will spot you from a good distance away, actually before they can even see you.

You have all your coyote hunting gear and equipment and you are heading out on the coyote hunt. You need to select your setting very carefully. First, scout the area looking for any signs of coyote activity. This will maybe show up as coyote footprints or coyote droppings. Once you have established that there are animals in the vicinity, you can set yourself up. Make sure first of all that you are downwind of the coyote, again this is trying to deal with that coyote sense of smell. Setting yourself up with the wind coming directly at you or even better as a crosswind, is the most advantageous for you.

You can now use the various calling techniques and calls that we will discuss in a future article to try and entice the animal from its den and into the open. Train yourself to keep low and quiet at all times. There is nothing as disappointing as waiting for hours on end for the coyote to show up, only to scare him away at the last moment with a sudden movement.

The Types of Coyote Calls

10 coyote hunting calls

A coyote knows the sound of a dying rabbit because they hear it time after time when they are feeding. The coyote always rushes into the spot where he is the sound of an injured or a dying animal. This is one of the types of coyote calls that a hunter can use to his advantage. It is the habit of the coyote that will lure him out when the hunter mimics this sound. The techniques are not very difficult to learn, all you need are persistence and patience. Think about fishing, when you cast out your line you have no idea if you are going to catch a fish or not, sometimes you do, and sometimes you don’t. You need to have a certain amount of patience and persistence for you to have the willingness to cast your fishing line out the next time, and the time after that, until you have finally succeeded and caught that fish. This is exactly the same as coyote calling.

There are three different types of coyote calls….

  • The first one is the electronic call. These electronic callers are very useful. Most of these types of coyote callers use recorded animal voices in distress which the hunter can use to trick the coyote with. These electronic types of coyote callers have many advantages. They allow you to shoot instead of calling, they are very easy to use, there is normally a very wide range of animal distress sounds which can be stored on each device, and they are capable of being used to call other species. But, there are disadvantages also to these electronic types of coyote calls. If you run out of batteries you will do no more calling for the day. Some of them are very bulky, if you don’t get a good quality collar and they can end up producing sound quality which is not very good.
  • Then there are two types of mouth calls. The open reed call and the closed reed call. Of course, there are disadvantages and advantages to using the mouth type coyote call. Some of the major disadvantages include the need for movement in order to use it, you have to blow through it, there is an element of skill involved, most callers are limited to producing one sound, and they can stop working completely in freezing weather. The advantages are that they are much easier to control the volume, they are a lot easier in controlling the frequency, they are much easier to carry in the pocket, they are much easier to control the emotional pitch, and they are much less expensive than their electronic counterparts.

You must understand that there are some coyotes who will not respond to the calls. Much of this may be due to the coyote having escaped from a call previously. In a world of coyote hunting, you have to be prepared for the coyote not responding in the way that you want it to respond. When you have figured out the type of coyote call that works to you, stick to it because it will probably work again in the future.

Coyote Hunting Rifles – Which One is The Right For you?

accurate rifleVarmint rifles is a buzzword that has popped up in the past decade, and essentially means a rifle that you use to kill animals that are smaller than an adult deer. Opinions vary on these rifles just as much as they do in any hunting rifle category. Some people feel they need a canon to shoot something as small as a squirrel, but in all reality a smaller caliber, scoped rifle can be a multitasking predator to most any small animal that you need be rid of on your property. Coyote hunting rifles are no different, and a well-placed twenty-two-caliber bullet can do the same job as two-seventy or thirty ought-six rifles. Quite honestly, if you have trouble hitting small animals with a hunting rifle, then a twelve-gauge auto shotgun may be in the cards for your varmint exterminating needs.

If you already own a decent deer-hunting rifle then just use it as your coyote rifle.

As long as you are comfortable shooting up close or at long range with your current firearm, then there is really no reason to change except if you want to go to a lighter weapon. Bullets are expensive, and if your shooting is not as accurate as you would like then going to a .22-250 caliber semi-automatic rifle may be a wiser choice when economics are applied to the situation.   Actually, a twelve-gauge shotgun is a good choice if you are using coyote calls to get them in close to your hunting stand or blind. If they come within a thirty to forty yard range, then that coyote is in prime range to use your high tech scattergun to end his or her reign of terror on your livestock. They even make shells specifically for taking out coyotes that are available at your local gun and ammo dealer.

A great accessory when using a hunting rifle to kill your predatory four-legged enemy is called Sniper-Styx, it is a bipod attachment to help you steady your rifle to make the kill shot when Wile E. Coyote’s cousin comes rambling along into your scope site. It also allows you to quickly change elevation by spreading the legs out further. Panning left to right is very fluid, and also has a squeaker that makes an audible squeaking sound that will make the coyote stop in it’s tracks to find out where the sound is coming from. This will give you time to zero in on your target and take him out before he knows what hit him. Regardless of your caliber choice, this item will help you make those needed kills to thin out your enemy’s ranks.


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