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Deer stands for sale may not be as popular as deer blinds but it is as useful just the same. Actually, it has been steadily increasing in popularity in the market due to its convenience. With this deer stand, the hunter can stay up high for hours comfortably with his bow, crossbow or rifle while waiting for the game to appear. This also gives a better vantage point for the hunter as the game won’t be able to see him at all. For your convenience, here are some of the best deer stands that are of high quality:


Hunting Deer Bow Game Hunt Portable Tree Stand

Best Choice Products Hunting Deer Bow Game Hunt Portable Tree Stand

This deer stand that comes with a camouflage pattern doesn’t just come with style, it also comes with usability and durability. This harness when attached to a tree can take a maximum weight of 300 pounds, just perfect even with hunters with a larger built. This has been designed to be lightweight so it can be carried around conveniently but it was made with rock – solid stability, a heavy duty frame so it won’t disappoint. This is perfect with an kind of tree since the safety harness is very flexible and can be easily adjusted according to need. Additionally, this stand with 19.75 x 19 x 16 – inch seat and a 20 x 14 backrest is equipped with climbing braces to offer secure footing. The padded climbing bar can be quite useful too as it can also be used as a gun rest at the same time.

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Guide Gear Deluxe Hunting Hang – On Treestand

best deer stand for sale

This stand was specifically designed so it can easily be set up. Most hunters are excited whenever they are out on a hunt, and using conveniently prepared equipments perks up their excitement since they can focus more on the game rather than on their equipments. This has a 17 x 10 – inch suspension – style seat with a 21 inch added camo. This ensures your back gets comfy while waiting since the wit alone can usually take a few hours at the least. Also, to make sure that the hunter is safe while high up in the tree, this deer stand was built with welded seams, steel construction, green powder – coated corrosion resistor and two ratchet straps.

This solid and comfy deer stand for sale is perfect for hunters who want a wider space while hunting…

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Tree Stand Climber Climbing Hunting Deer Bow Hunt Game Portable

Tree Stand Climber Climbing Hunting Deer Bow Hunt Game Portable

One of the newest products of Best Choice, this offers an innovative design and has been engineered to be lightweight and durable. This gives a guarantee that it can fit into any kind of tree and ensures comfort as well during long hunts. The platform with its traction ridges not only provides comfort to the hunter but safety as well as it prevents any accidental slippage. The padded climbing bar can be used as a gun rest as well so there is no need for a separate gun stand as space is up high would quite be an issue.

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Deer Stand Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Deer Stand for Hunting?

buying guide

What kind of stand to hunt from is a mostly personal choice. There are many options to choose from when it comes to stands to hunt from. There are ladder stands, hang on stands, climbing stands, ground blinds, and elevated blinds. Ladder stands are my favorite type of hunting stand. They are easy to put together and can normally can be set up in a half hour or less. When it comes to putting these stands in the tree, these stands are the easiest of them all to put up. With two people the stand can be up in the tree and ready to hunt in less than five minutes. They are also the easiest to get in and out of. The down side is some people don’t like the ladder hanging out off the tree. I don’t think its a big deal and the deer will get use to it if you have it out in the woods for awhile before you hunt it.

Hang on stand are stands that are separate from the ladder or pegs. These stands can be difficult to set up because you need to either get the ladder set up then climb up with the stand to attach it to the tree. If you are using pegs then you have to screw them in as you go which can take more time then other stands. These stand normally have bigger platforms and are better for hunters who want their tree stands to be up higher than what most ladder stands reach. Both these stands can be set up and left in the tree. There is also another type of stand called a climber stand that actually allows you to climb the tree while in the stand. This is great for people who hunt public land and also for hunters who don’t want to buy multiple stands. The problem with these stands is you need the right tree with no branches in your way and it needs to be straight.

It’s also not easy to climb with these stands…

It takes a little practice to figure them out,  but once you do anyone can use them. Ground blinds are another great way to hunt if you live in an area with no good trees to hang stands from or if the deer on your property have a favorite place with no good trees around. Ground blinds are easy to put up most new ones can be set up in under a minute. The down side to these are that they are harder to hunt out of with a bow, but not impossible. The disadvantage of ground blinds are they limit your windows to shoot from, but if you set them up facing the correct way you should be fine. Elevated blinds are good for gun hunters in particular. Setting these up looking over large fields allows you to be hidden in a blind while also enabling you to see long ranges. These can also be used for deer hunters, but, like in ground blinds, make it hard to shoot through the small windows that are built in.

Stand Placement

deer stand placement guide

Once you choose your stand or blind of choice your next question may be where are you supposed to put it? That is where your trail cameras come into play. It’s easy to see a heavy trail and put your stand there. However, if deer are only using that trail after dark that might not be the best place to put your stand. I put a stand over all my food plots, I put them in other areas as well. If you can find an area between a deer’s bedding area and it’s food, that would be a good location for a stand. Timing is also very important in stand placement.

I have a stand I keep deep in the woods close to the deer’s bedding area that I don’t hunt until the rut is on…

When the rut is in full swing the bucks will be searching all over these areas for does and these stands become great place to get a shot at a buck chasing does mid day, but only if you haven’t hunted that area hard yet that year. You can also do all the searching and scouting and that will help your chances of getting deer down, but some times it just doesn’t work. My favorite saying about deer is “the deer are where they are.” Like humans, deer do there own thing and don’t always follow the same schedule. Doing all this work is very important to your success hunting, but it is still hunting so nothing is guaranteed. You have to have a little luck on your side as well.

Deer Hunting Tips

Deer Hunting Tips From Professionals

always stop himDeer season is finally here and it’s time to take your crossbow, hunting bow or rifle, get out into the woods and bring home some meat! During a long off-season, you have worked hard putting in food plots and moving tree stands. Now it’s time for your hard work to pay off. I’m going to give you a few tips that every hunter should think about when they go to the woods. Let’s start with when to hunt, because some people I have talked to think you go out and sit all day when you go hunting. You can, and some parts of the year you should,, but not every time you go hunting. I hunt morning and evenings when it’s possible as this is when deer are the most active.

A morning hunt consist of getting in the stand 1 hour before sun rise. I like to get in this early so it gives the woods at least a half hour to settle down before you get shooting light. Shooting light is when you can see enough  to shoot legally.

You can’t shoot anything until a half hour before sun rise and normally you can’t see until then anyways. An evening hunt depends largely on how much time you have that day. I try and get in the woods at least 2 hours before sunset but if you have to get in later that’s okay too. You can’t shoot them from the couch, so anytime is better than no time. A few years ago my brother, only 12 years old at the time,  got home from school about an hour before sun set and told my dad he was going to go get in the deer stand right by our house. My dad was thinking it was to late to go out, but the stand is  less than 100 yards from the house, so he let him go.

To both mine and my dads surprise, that night my brother killed his first deer ever

with a 37 yard, double lung shot…

He shot once and missed, but the doe came back again 15 minutes later at the same distance and he shot her perfectly. This was just a doe, but it is also meat in the freezer and it made him happier then I think I have ever seen him. This just shows that if you can get in the stand, do it. There are no good excuses to keep you at home!

Prime Time

tips and tricks

There is always a prime time in both morning and night that deer hunters should get a little extra excited for. This is because this is the time when deer are moving the most. In the morning, prime time is right before sun rise to about half hour after the sun comes up. At night the prime time is right before sun set to a half hour after the sun has set. This isn’t the only time deer are moving, but there is a special feel in the woods at these times you feel like something could happen at any second. This is why you need to stay in the stand at night until a half hour past sun set. Last year I was hunting on a cold November night and I hadn’t seen anything all night. I gave it fifteen minutes past sun set and I was ready to get home. I started packing up sent my bow down the tree, turned around to put my back pack on, and saw a buck walking down the trail right to me but he had saw me and stopped. If I wouldn’t have started packing up early that buck would have came straight down the trail 15 yards from my stand. The feeling I felt that night still haunts me to this day.

So please, learn from my mistakes and wait it out. Fifteen minutes is definitely worth that shot!

Being Prepared

When you are in your stand, there are a few things you can do to be prepared for when a deer comes by. First, you must have is a place to put all your stuff. I hunt with a back pack that I keep everything from extra clothes to calls. If you are hunting in a blind, you can just set it in the corner but if you are hunting from a tree stand I suggest getting a bow holder. These are reasonably priced around $10 at your hunting stores, but they are a big help. I hang my back pack from this and also my bow. Make sure you always remember when you are going to put it into the tree that you should put it at least head high, while standing, so your bow hangs in the correct spot. I would also put it on the side of the hand you hold your bow with so it’s easier for you to grab.  Always pre-nock an arrow when you get in the stand because that’s the last thing you want to be messing with when a deer is coming your way. The last thing you should do to be prepared is to pre-range a few trees so you know the yardages in your head of where the deer might be.  This way,  you won’t have to range the deer when it’s time to shoot.

The Moment of Truth

run awayWhen you are up in your stand or sitting in your blind and you see a deer coming into range your heart starts to beat a little faster. As you see the deer coming I suggest standing as soon as you can. You can shoot from a sitting position but I always prefer to be standing if possible. Watch the deer’s movements closely if it looks spooked or on high alert keep that in mind when drawing. Look to see if the deer’s tail is down if it is you should be fine. Come to full draw when the deer goes behind cover so it doesn’t see you drawing. If the deer’s head is down and it’s not going to go behind cover you can draw then.  When the deer gets into the spot you want to shoot it you must stop it. ALWAYS STOP THE DEER!!!

Never shoot at a moving deer more than likely you will miss or shoot it farther back then where you are aiming.


This will cause you to have to track the deer way farther or cause you to not find the deer. To stop the deer just make a small grunt sound just some noise that it will stop for a second and listen. After you stop a deer you should already be at full draw so it’s time to make the shot you don’t always have a lot of time so take the shot as fast as you can. When aiming I suggest aiming right behind the grove in a deer’s shoulder this allows for the deer to move a few inches up or down and still give you a good ethical shot. As all hunters who have shot deer before know “all the fun stops when you let that arrow go and the work begins.”

The Work

Once you see that arrow hit your target be prepared to start the work. If you are lucky enough to see your deer go down great but if your not don’t get nervous if you hit it good it won’t be that long of a track. Even if you see your deer go down or if you know you made a good shot give the deer a half hour to die. Sometimes deer will lay down to die and if you get right out of your stand to go chase it you could spook it up and make your job harder. I know you will be excited but give it some time before chasing it. When you find it you have to gut it. Check out videos on YouTube for help on this but its as simple as everything on the inside has to come out. This can take some time but get it done right because the guts can cause the meat to spoil. Now you are aware of most tips that will help you choose the best deer stand for sale in 2017 and start your game! Good luck!



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