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If you have the best recurve bow, it makes your shooting experience way better and more satisfying. But, with so many recurve bows for sale, how are you sure you’re buying the right one? Don’t worry, we are suggesting these three amazing recurve bows for hunting you should give out a try.


Samick Sage Recurve Bow

Samick Sage Recurve Bow

For almost 40 years, Samick has been making top-quality archery products. One of its best product is the Sage Recurve bow which is currently considered as the ideal beginner’s recurve available in the market. Its versatility and reasonable price also make it as a favorite product by experienced archers.

One of its advantages is the fact that it is definitely easy to shoot, without the archer feeling like he or she is holding a toy. At a length of around 5 feet, this takedown recurve bow is crafted specifically for you who are new to the sport of arching, and trying to grow your stance and enhance your shooting ability. Since you can adjust the maple and fiberglass-made limbs, this makes this product for individuals who will need to have a bow that can grow along with them.

For more experienced hunters who wants to get involved in various activities or distances, the changeable limbs is also a flexible choice…

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Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow

Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow

An impressive combination of synthetic and natural materials, the Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow features a red maple-made solid-block riser, and maple- and fiberglass-made limbs. A very durable arching equipment, the manufacturer utilizes a one-of-a-kind baking method to treat the wood, making it hard without resigning its natural flex.

There are a wide variety of options for this item’s draw weight, you can choose from 30 and up to 60 pounds. The arrow shelf is covered with real bear hair, allowing you to shoot it straight and precise. On the other hand, the 58-inch length is doable, without sacrificing its capacity. Aside from being powerful and precise, we also love how quiet it shoots, which is a great thing if you want to be quiet as possible, especially when hunting.

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Martin Jaguar Recurve Bow

Martin Jaguar Recurve Bow

An all-time top-selling product on Amazon, the versatility of the Martin Jaguar Recurve Bow allows it to be easily stored, carried and change limbs easily. And because of its improved quality control, the limbs have been reviewed to perfectly fit the users. Despite of having a total weight of just 2.7 lbs., the overall material is made out of aluminum and magnesium riser, providing you with a significant amount of stability without adding to its heaviness.

Meanwhile, the riser is made out of a sturdy, reliable alignment system, allowing you to dock the limbs properly and handle rests, quivers and other attachments. On the other hand, the thermal grip provides warmth to your hands, steadying your shot and properly aiming at your target. Last but not the least,

The 60-inch length makes the Martin Jaguar Recurve bow one of the fastest shooting equipment, compared to other more expensive models…

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 How to Improve Your Recurve Bow Accuracy

1 – A good foundation of the body is essential to avoid fatigue. If we drew two imaginary lines, one parallel to the target, the other perpendicular, it is necessary that the body overhangs perpendicular, perpendicular to the target. The toes are up against an imaginary line parallel to the target. The spacing of the feet must not exceed the length of the arrow. The feet should be located just beyond the shoulders, the body weight evenly distributed on the upright legs, knees and thigh muscles are relaxed.

best recurve bow for hunting

2 – The hunting recurve bow held horizontally, the rope toward you, place the arrow flat on the arrow and nested in the groove band thread.

  1. Position the bow hand. Put your hand on the handle in a position such that the pressure of the arc lies along the inner side of the thumb muscle, and the Y formed speak thumb and forefinger. Leave the bow “sit” in the hand position, that is to say let’s find the pressure plate when the arc moves in the hand, rather than placing his hand on the bow and by forcing him to remain in that position. The bow hand should slip in any direction when the hand and fingers are relaxed. The fingers should never tighten the bow or be stiff.
    B. Position fingers rope. Place your fingers on the string, the index finger above the arrow, middle and ring fingers below. The rope rests on the middle of the first phalanx. The back of the hand must remain extremely flat, and the second and third phalanges. It is recommended to start a finger protects leather with a wedge within which maintains the spacing of the fingers. The fingers should never touch the arrow.

3 – Mount the hunting recurve bow arm in position turn your head facing the target and mount the bow arm to shoulder height. To be sure of finding the right position of the arm you can not bow the following exercise: lie down the bow arm to shoulder height in front of the target, the palm open toward the ground. Without moving the shoulder, turn your wrist so that your thumb is in the air. At this point, the position of your shoulder is good. You can also check easily by bending the arm. If your hand comes face to your chest, having traveled a quarter of a circle parallel to the ground when your arm is bent, the position of your shoulder is good. By cons if your hand is up against your face, is that the position of your shoulder is bad.

recurve bow accuracy

4 – Pull the rope Breathing lightly, without mounting shoulders, pull the rope as possible along the bow arm does not move up to place the hand of rope under the chin. This action runs back muscles and shoulder (trapezius, deltoids, under difficult). Elbow extension arm moves while forming an arc parallel to the ground that goes from one shoulder to another.

5 – Anchoring hand cord under the chin, the second joint of the forefinger touches the rope while the centre of your chin. The hunting recurve bow rope rests on the middle of the nose and the middle of the chin. Keep your head up.

6 – Lock the position to take this point is very important for the regularity of firing. When the anchoring of the hand rope is reached, the archer must lock its position, that is to say, tender muscles, legs, pelvis, back, shoulders, to be in good position to aim.

At this time, the line reaches the elbow of the arm extends to the bow hand should be straight and strictly parallel to the ground…

7 – Aiming. Once you are sure of your position properly locked, you aim the target, that is to say you overlay the focus of the viewfinder of the arc with the centre of the target. If your sighting on the distance chosen was well done and your location right on time viewing is very short. Check the alignment of the recurve bow for hunting rope along the arc plays.

recurve bow archery tips8 – Unchecked is uncheck the “explosion” that brought out the arrow at the optimum time of sighting, which must also be that of the total elongation. To test this extension, it uses a “clicker” small metal spring placed above the arrow rest, and under which lies the arrow. Maximum capacity of the extension, the clicker releases the arrow; it must be time to full extension of the shoulders that force the fingers to slide on the rope to release. This gesture of releasing the rope projecting your hand to the neck in an uncontrolled movement.

9 – Hold the position until the arrow is on target. We must maintain the position of the whole body including head, until the arrow is on target, so as to avoid collapse, lower shoulders, turning her head during the shoots, this which would be detrimental to the shooting. We need all the gestures is extremely united and connected to each other, in an attempt to unit labour. The extreme lock back is crucial to draw well because it forces them to hold the arm rope line and when the fingers release it when the shoots, locked back muscles play an important role in the return involuntary hand toward the neck. We must also know that different positions of the head determine the position of the rope.

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