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If you want to have a good deer hunting experience where you actually catch one and bring it home, then you should consider buying a quality-made bow. Compared to rifles, they’re not noisy, thus making it suitable for hunting deer. It’s also suitable for hunters who wants to hunt the manual way. Here are the best deer hunting bows you should try.


Genesis Original Compound BowGenesis Original Compound Bow

If you’re going to purchase the complete Genesis Original Compound Bow kit, you’ll get the bow itself, a vinyl tube quiver for your arrows, 5 aluminum target arrows, arm guard with 2 reinforced and adjustable Velcro straps, molded competition grip, a NAP flipper arrow rest, steel cable guard and slide and a manual. These make it one of the best compound bow kits for beginners.

Being able to let off with light draw weights, this makes it suitable to be used for any age, allowing your children to practice with it. Aside from that, it is constructed from a sturdy 6061T6 aluminum and is equipped with a composite split limb design. Since it is attached with only a single cam, you don’t have to deal with tuning problems or hard recoils. Not only that, it’s very accurate and less noisy compared to other compound bows.

Since it’s a beginner’s bow, it’s very easy to shoot and it’s not too heavy to carry…

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Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow

Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow

An impressive combination of synthetic and natural materials, the Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow features a red maple-made solid-block riser, and maple- and fiberglass-made limbs. A very durable arching equipment, the manufacturer utilizes a one-of-a-kind baking method to treat the wood, making it hard without resigning its natural flex.

There are a wide variety of options for this item’s draw weight, you can choose from 30 and up to 60 pounds. The arrow shelf is covered with real bear hair, allowing you to shoot it straight and precise. On the other hand, the 58-inch length is doable, without sacrificing its capacity. Aside from being powerful and precise, we also love how quiet it shoots, which is a great thing if you want to be quiet as possible, especially when hunting deer, which are very sensitive to noises.

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Martin Jaguar Recurve Bow

Martin Jaguar Recurve Bow

An all-time top-selling product on Amazon, the versatility of the Martin Jaguar Recurve Bow allows it to be easily stored, carried and change limbs easily. And because of its improved quality control, the limbs have been reviewed to perfectly fit the users.

Despite of having a total weight of just 2.7 lbs., the overall material is made out of aluminum and magnesium riser, providing you with a significant amount of stability without adding to its heaviness.

Meanwhile, the riser is made out of a sturdy, reliable alignment system, allowing you to dock the limbs properly and handle rests, quivers and other attachments. On the other hand, the thermal grip provides warmth to your hands, steadying your shot and properly aiming at your target. Last but not the least, the 60-inch length makes the Martin Jaguar Recurve bow one of the fastest shooting equipment, compared to other more expensive models, allowing you to shoot a deer fast before it runs away.

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Bow Hunting Deer Tips

A Little About Bow Hunting Deer


There are thousands of licenses issued each year for hunters pursuing the Deer.  Over the years, the deer population steadily rise to record numbers, which are currently estimated at over 2 million deer statewide.  Deer bow hunters make up a fairly good percentage of those who obtain a deer license, but the “gunners” still outnumber us.  Many hunters who have only used firearms in the past are now getting into bow hunting for the challenge it presents, not to mention that the season is much longer for archery.  For those of us who already hunt with the deer hunting bow and arrow, we know exactly what these challenges are, and they are what drive us to become better hunters.  As bow hunters, we must also behave in a respectful and law-abiding manner, as the actions of one hunter can be reflected on all of us.

The game that we pursue should be treated with respect from the field to the freezer and it is our responsibility as sportsman to do so…

When it comes to bow hunting deer, I think there are a few categories that people seem to fall into.  We each have our own reasons, but hunters are usually pursuing deer for the delicious cuts of venison, the enjoyment of being outdoors, or for the chance of harvesting the elusive rack-yielding trophy buck.  No matter what our personal reasons are, we each play an important role in wildlife management, conservation efforts, and contribute to many important aspects that effect hunters and the non-hunting public.

Within these categories, I feel there are also some common traits for each type of hunter.  For example, if a trophy hunter is not having any success, he/she may decide to harvest a doe or young deer.  In many states where the deer numbers are high, the state usually offers multiple deer tags, wanting hunters to harvest antlerless deer to help manage the herd.   There are also those of us who really enjoy eating venison and the deer we harvest are excellent additions to the family dinner table.  There are many deer bow hunters who simply like getting out in the woods for the pure enjoyment of Mother Nature.  Some pretty incredible “shows” can be seen while sitting on stand and harvesting a deer can be looked at as a bonus by many of us.  After all, if it meant getting a deer each time out, there would be little excitement to keep people interested for very long.  Some hunters start off and continue successfully harvesting deer for years.  For others, many seasons are spent without ever releasing an arrow or even seeing deer nearby even with the best deer hunting bow.  I believe that there are many people who simply give up the sport due to never harvesting a deer and they get too frustrated to continue trying.

How does it make us better hunters many ask?


Well, when you look at all of the challenges that we face, one can only learn from experience and push themselves to improve their skills.  Sure, people are exposed to and learn from some challenges during the firearm season, but only for a weekend or a week during the entire year.  Bow hunters typically have a long season in most states, and spend a lot more time in the woods.  This longer season is when the dedicated hunter hones his/her skills through trial and error, learning woodsman-ship, and learning about deer behavior.  Every time a hunter makes a mistake, the regret of it gets engrained in their memory as something not to do again in the future.  When it comes to dedication, this can’t be stressed enough.  Deer bow hunting takes a lot of perseverance, persistence, and patience.  Most serious hunters can take a rough guess as to how many hours they spend in the woods before, during, and after the season.  Numerous hours go into pre-season scouting, setting up strategic locations for stand sites, patterning the deer movement, locating prime deer territory, etc.  Then comes the season, where die-hard hunters spend every available moment on stand, and this is where ones skills are tested.

For many of us, a season consisting of 100+ hours of actual hunting time is not uncommon…

Lastly, hunters spend many hours after the season ends, “investigating” the woods so to speak.  Much can be learned about deer when you scout after the season, looking for scrapes, rubs, trails, winter feeding patterns, etc.  In the winter months around January through February, many hunters venture out looking for shed antlers, which when found, identify deer that survived the hunting season and gives the hunter a deer to look for the next season.

beautiful beast

In conclusion, if you are thinking of becoming a bow hunter, you will travel down a path of pure and natural enjoyment.  There is nothing like hearing deer approach your stand, or seeing one mystically appear from nowhere.  If you find yourself getting frustrated, hang in there because sooner or later, you will harvest a deer.  If you have little or no patience now, bow hunting will teach you, but only if you have the desire to stick with it and tough it out. If you are wondering what “category” I fall into, I’d be glad to share my personal stance on bowhunting with you.

For me, it’s a combination of being out enjoying nature, while keeping all of my senses in overdrive, being alert at all times, and prepared for approaching game…

Out in the deer woods is where I feel most peaceful and free of stress from the daily grind of work and life.  I love watching nature and sitting quietly in the woods.  I get a tremendous amount of enjoyment from harvesting a deer and consider it a bonus to any hunt.  Surely I am just like the next guy who dreams of a nice buck stopping within shooting range, but if one doesn’t, the hunt isn’t any less enjoyable.  Even though it’s a heart breaker when you miss your shot (and you will), this serves as a reminder that not every deer in your sights will end up in the freezer or on your wall.

Advantages of bow hunting

Bow Hunting vs Gun Hunting

The hunting experts have found that bow hunting is much better than gun hunting and this fact has been proved on the basis of different factors that need to be essentially considered in case you are intending to conduct a smooth and convenient hunting session. Innumerable comparisons have been made between bow hunting vs. gun hunting and the in all the cases gun hunting has been declared as the sole winner.

accurate shooting

How Bow Hunting is Better than Gun Hunting?

  • Bow hunting is very much exciting and passionate and thus it helps in retaining the interests of the hunters for a long time. Though guns are mechanical and quite advanced in technology but after shooting the bullets, the interest of the hunters decreased. In case of bow hunting, the hunters can get the opportunity of showing their hunting skills but in gun hunting it is not at all possible.
  • If you are intending to practice how to fix up your hunting aim then nothing can be the best option other than using bows. In fact, bow hunting is treated as one of the best means that can assist the beginners to learn hunting in an intricate manner. In this case hunting efficiency can be increased along with the effective reduction of common mistakes.
  • Bows are also regarded as the safest option at the time of practicing rather than the guns. This is one of the main reasons for the highest preference of bow hunting over hunting via firearms. The bullets of the guns are very much dangerous and if the beginners do any mistake, then hazardous troubles might occur which are quite dreadful at times. Bow injuries can be immediately treated by first aid but the bullet injuries cannot be treated with first aid rather proper medical treatment is required.
  • If you check out the reviews on bow hunting vs. gun hunting, then you will come to know that there are different legal obligations or restrictions in a state for using guns for hunting but those obligations are not applicable for gun hunting. This is the reason it is always better to choose bow hunting so that unwanted legal hazards of the state can be avoided.
  • Moreover, personal preference is a great factor and you must consider the same. As per the survey, it has been found that hunters are finding it exciting to use bows for hunting rather than guns and this is why the popularity of bow hunting is going on increasing day by day. There care some common ethics that often prevent the old hunters to use guns.
  • Bows can be easily purchased as they are very much cost-effective but the guns are very much expensive to bear and thus can be one of the prominent reasons for the higher selection of bow hunting than gun hunting.
  • The bow blades can be easily changed at the time of hunting as per convenience but in case of gun hunting it needs time to fill up the finished bullets.
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