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The tenpoint titan ss crossbow boasts of power and agility during usage. Most archers look for a strong, sturdy, accurate and user friendly crossbow. A crossbow that can work effectively for them when they are aiming at their targets or shooting at prey. Well in real essence, this crossbow delivers and it delivers just fine. If the above features are some of the stuff you want in your crossbow, then look no further as you will get them right here. You can look at the tenpoint titan ss reviews below in order to get a better understanding of what this crossbow can achieve for you.

Features and Specifications

When reviewing the titan crossbow line of crossbows, the tenpoint titan ss crossbow comes in as the lightest, shortest and fastest version. Weighing in at 6.7 pounds with a compactness of just 35 inches, this crossbow has an axle-to-axle width of 18 1/2 inches. It has a power stroke of 12 1/2 inches and is easy to cock. It features arrow speeds of up to 340 feet per second which is actually quite first. This would ensure that you don’t miss your prey when hunting for it in the wild.

One of the best features of the ten point titan crossbow is its weight. Hunting is a very tedious experience and it would be better if you have less weight on you at any given time so that it can be easy for you to move around swiftly. During the hunting process, you would require to run around chasing after prey and even targeting them during motion at times. It would be very hard to achieve all this if you’re using a heavy weapon and in this case a heavy crossbow. The light weight of this particular crossbow thus enable the archer or hunter to easily use it when hunting for prey. One would be able to carry it around whilst running for prey and even aim or shoot at the target effectively. In addition to having a light weight, the titan crossbow also has a general compactness when it comes to its size. This means that you could use this crossbow on almost any place such as a tree stand or on a ground.

The design of the crossbow is also something to talk about as it is beautiful and exquisite. It is covered with a mossy oak finish that’s sure to attract anyone who has taste in nature. Again the oak finish makes sure that it blends appropriately with the surrounding thus acting as a disguise to prey. This is due to the camo-nature of the colour and design that blends with the surrounding.

tenpoint titan ss

Most of the crossbows currently in market including this particular one have the split limb technology which adds to the durability and flexibility during hunting. These crossbows also have adjustability features that make it convenient for almost everybody to use without strain. Take for example the adjustable butt stock makes it easier for tall people or archers who have long arms to find the perfect aim and shot during hunting.


When it comes to assembly, it is one of the easiest crossbows in that line to put together thus would not give the user a hard time when connecting the parts. In addition, it comes with an easy to use manual and set of instructions that ensure you don’t miss out on any procedure during the assembly process. As much as the assembly may seem to be straight forward and easy, it is still advisable that you use the manual to put together the crossbow as there are a few things that you can miss out and go wrong when assembling the parts. Again it is vital that new users in particular and even the old ones to read the owner’s manual and all the warnings and cautions in order to prevent accidents that would have rather not happened.

When assembling the titan ss crossbow, you only need a few steps and you’re done. You would need to bolt the bow assembly to the stock assembly, install the foot stirrup and then you are ready to shoot.

You then get a pre-sighted crossbow for a distance of 20 yards. Most of the assembly tools that you would need are included in the packaging save for a few which you would probably have to outsource from elsewhere. Generally the total assembly time including the time it would take to read the user manual would be an average of around 30 minutes or so. However it is important to do proper assembly even if it would take a longer time since doing poor work during assembly could cost you during the functioning of the entire crossbow. This being a weapon that can kill, any slight error could prove fatal if not considered keenly. It is thus wise enough to invest a few extra minutes just to ensure that you’ve done a proper job.

detailed review

Accuracy and Power

The ten point titan ss crossbow has excellent accuracy and power. When hunting for a prey or simply just aiming for a target, the shot accuracy and power are very important things to consider. They determine whether you actually get you target or miss. This crossbow has a powerful scope that enables the user to aim at the prey effectively and get the right shot at whatever the distance. This is made possible through the strong lenses that are present in the scope which magnify targets at a distance so that you can get the right shot on them. It has a powerful pro-view 2 3X scope that comes together with this crossbow, mounted and bore-sighted. The scope has an illumination with five brightness settings. Depending on how the lighting conditions are, you can choose between having a green or a red dot. You even don’t have to worry about the safety of your scope or lenses as they are housed in an aluminium tube that ensures protection against fall and rough handling.

This however does not give you the authority to mishandle it since it is delicate just like any other devices.

upper viewThe shots that come out of this crossbow have strong kinetic energy which enable you to shoot targets and actually nail them down. The arrow released from this crossbow has high kinetic energy and speed which can penetrate through the target easily and at an accurate angle. Depending on the distance at which you shoot the arrows, you will nail your target. However it shouldn’t be too far because this would make it harder to target the prey effectively. This is because as the distance increases, the speed and kinetic energy reduces. A shorter distance delivers a stronger kinetic energy and speed of penetration as vice versa is true.

The amount of energy that is released from this crossbow is enough to nail down any prey there is and to hit a target effectively. The speed and kinetic energy of the crossbow work hand in hand to deliver the perfect shot on a target or prey. Kinetic energy is usually very important when it comes to penetration since the arrow is supposed to penetrate through the target, and this would require energy to be achieved. One would ask just how hard does the titan ss crossbow hit. This crossbow on average hits a target with a kinetic energy of 94 ft. lbs. This amount of energy is quite powerful for a compact device such as this. It is actually enough energy to penetrate through a number of animals when hunting. Although as mentioned above, the kinetic energy would reduce depending on the distance in which you are shooting from. This does not mean that your shot won’t have power.

Safety and Design

Every device is made in such a way that it has safety mechanisms which would act to protect both the user and the device itself. This crossbow being a weapon, it can’t lack safety features. As much as there are safety features for this device, it is important to take safety at personal level as well. Safety always begins with you as you have to take the first step in ensuring that you are protected from any damage. The very first thing to do when you get such a device is to go through the user manual. This not only helps you to operate the device, but also aids you in knowing what the safety features are when operating the crossbow.

This crossbow is a weapon and any weapon mishandled can lead to serious damages and even death. Every crossbow comes with its own safety features and you should therefore be keen not to avoid them just because you have handled a crossbow before.

Some of the safety features of this device include the power trigger which is so light and smooth to handle making it very convenient for the user when targeting the prey. The cut outs in the stock also help to lighten the crossbow thus being swift in carrying and aiming. The fore grip of this crossbow is oversized which helps to keep fingers away from the string. The narrow bow assembly in conclusion, enables the crossbow to manoeuvre through small spaces.

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