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Tenpoint has done a great job in manufacturing the turbo GT. In this ten point turbo gt review, you will get to learn about a number of features and specifications that make this crossbow efficient and powerful for hunting and hitting targets. First of all, its design is definitely something that is sure to attract you so much to it. With its camo design, this crossbow easily blends into any natural environment thus acting as a disguise against unsuspecting animals during hunting. Its design is also beautiful and elegant which attracts the eye and makes it even more captivating to purchase. The good thing again about this camo design is that it does not easily fade away thus you can stay with it for a long period of time without seeing any peelings.

In terms of the type of crossbow material and built nature, the tenpoint turbo gt is well built and strong to undergo any handling especially in the wild.

Most hunting sessions are tiresome and rough since they involve following the animal and targeting it until you get the right hit. This can be a great challenge if you don’t have a strong weapon to help you nail down prey. This crossbow can survive such harsh conditions and can even survive rough handling. By rough handling, what is meant that you could throw it down and still pick it up while it’s in operation. Even though this is the case, it is important to take care of the crossbow whilst you can. Avoid very rough handling of the crossbow as this could not only make it malfunction but also lead to a potential risk of getting hurt in due process.


The assembly process for this crossbow is quite easy and straight forward. You could do it yourself by just going through the user manual and following step by step. The user manual is very important to put into consideration since it gives the outline of how the weapon is going to be assembled and handled. Apart from that, it also provides answers for fundamental questions involving the assembly process in general. By going through the manual, you will also learn about the safety mechanisms and measures you can take to protect yourself against injuries and harm.

ten point turbo GT crossbow


One of the defining features of the tenpoint turbo gt crossbow is the integrated raised cheek rest which is made in such a way that the archer or user of the arrow can comfortably put their faces exactly where it should be so that they can make accurate aims and shots at the targets. In hunting, the most important thing is accuracy. Without it, it would be hard to aim and hit the target easily. With this provision on the crossbow, it would not only be easier to nail down the target, but also quicker to do so.


Most archers love to use heavy gloves when using the crossbows to avoid getting bruised in due process. Thanks to the structural modification of the tenpoint turbo gt, the trigger guard doesn’t go all the way behind so that it can accommodate the size of any type of gloves the archer wears. Without this provision it would be hard to get your hand inside the trigger without having to shoot it mistakenly, which is also a great safety precaution in real essence.

One other safety feature of this crossbow is that the dry fire inhibitor ensures that the turbo gt crossbow is not accidentally fired by the user during testing or usage. This is because the crossbow is adjusted not to fire unless the arrow is placed in the right manner ensuring that the archer is keen enough to check the arrow each time before firing.

speed review

The auto safety feature on the crossbow also ensures that the shooter or archer will always have the safety in the ‘on’ position each time after cocking the crossbow. This is a great feature because in addition to it, the archer must manually disengage the safety to fire the crossbow. This means that you cannot fire the crossbow easily by mistake thus preventing injuries and hurt to yourself and the people around you.

Again safety is something that begins with you as an individual. If you don’t become responsible while using such a device then accidents are bound to happen. A crossbow is a very dangerous weapon just like a gun is, it can kill. The safety of you and the people around you depends on how careful you are. If you are keen enough then you would be able to take care of the weapon and use it effectively.

Again you can always refer to the user manual for the things that you are not sure about so as to avoid any mistakes.

Energy and Speed

The kinetic energy and speed at which the arrow of the crossbow moves determines a lot. These two features determine if the arrow would hit the target effectively or not. They work hand in hand but not all the times. In reality, what determines whether or not a target is hit and nailed down is the kinetic energy or force at which the arrow hits it. The speed doesn’t matter that much since the higher the speed the noisier it becomes which makes the hunting experience difficult because the noise would scare away the prey. Though in some cases the speed is quite important and thus we cannot just assume that the kinetic energy would work well without the arrow speed.

This crossbow has a high kinetic energy thus meaning that it delivers incredible power when landing on the target.

This gives the archer or in this case you, the ability and chance to hunt for almost anything there is. The type of arrow again determines the strength and speed of the thrust. A heavier arrow has a stronger kinetic energy as compared to a lighter arrow. This means that the thrust of a heavier arrow is more vibrant than that of a lighter arrow due to the difference in the kinetic energy. However, a heavier arrow has a slower speed as compared to a lighter one. Speed as seen earlier is not the main need in hunting. It is just an additional need. The main point of view when purchasing a crossbow would be the kinetic energy. This is not to mean that you choose a weak speed crossbow but an average speed crossbow that has a high kinetic energy or a crossbow that has them both high. The type of arrow to choose from should also be average in size and weight, neither too heavy nor too light.

accuracy of shooting

Hunting With the Ten Point Turbo GT Crossbow

Hunting has been an activity that has been practiced for a long time and has attracted huge following from a variety of people. From the same hunting has come a game of archery where the same tools that are used in hunting are used in the archery process. This involves the use of crossbows and arrows and aiming at a target which in this case is not necessarily an animal or a living being. Aside from archery, we will lay emphasis on the hunting part and the techniques that you can use to hunt using the tenpoint turbo GT.

This crossbow is definitely a hunter’s dream crossbow due to its technical specifications and exquisite features.

According to the above turbo gt crossbow review, you can see just from the design and functionality that this crossbow is a winner in hunting. But just what makes this arrow so good in hunting? With its size and flexibility, this crossbow is going to allow you hunt in places that most crossbows can’t fit easily. In hunting, you would need to adjust yourself in different surroundings and environments thus the need for a fully flexible and adjustable crossbow that is sure to help you achieve your goals.

Another great design feature for this crossbow is the camo design that it has. This camo design helps the archer to hide in the wild without being noticed by the prey. This is because the crossbow blends perfectly with the surrounding and in a way camouflages thus acting as a disguise against unsuspecting animals. With this provision hunting becomes much easier and enjoyable. In addition the camo design not only works as disguise but also gives the crossbow a good look and an attractive design.

The large forward grip offers comfort to the user since it is designed to ensure the user doesn’t strain while shooting using this crossbow. The turbo gt is also made in such a way that it is quiet during the release of the arrows from the device. This is made possible through the heavy draw weight which makes it easy and convenient to shoot and delivers a less noisy experience which is good for hunting.

In conclusion, we can therefore notice through the above tenpoint turbo gt review that this crossbow is powerful and effective. You can get the tenpoint turbo gt for sale through online vendors or through the stores around you.

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