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This durable crossbow has unmatched strength and endurance that is sure to make it perform superbly when being used. Its high performance design has put it among the top crossbows in the market right now thus becoming highly competitive. One surprising thing is that it has been suitably priced to fit most pockets regardless of the fact that it has a superb and exquisite nature. You can therefore trust this crossbow to deliver and work effectively when you’re using it. You will also be fascinated by its look and beautiful design. Many may ask what makes the wicked ridge invader g3 crossbow so special and why it is among the best crossbows in the market.

Well, the answer to that question is clearly here as you can look at several features and specifications below that make this crossbow what it is.


With a weight of around 6.6 pounds, the wicked ridge invader crossbow is lightweight and thus easy to operate. It can be quite a challenge to operate a crossbow that is heavy and thus the super light-weight of this crossbow makes it very convenient for usage. If you’re the type that loves hunting then this bow is for you as you won’t miss your target when you strike. This crossbow is tough enough to handle rough hunting conditions that would otherwise destroy other crossbows. When it comes to agility and speed, this bow is capable of speeds of up to 330 feet per second. This means that you can keep up with the speeds of any prey that comes your way and hunt it down effectively. There are preys that go at high speeds and thus it becomes a challenge catching up with them. With this bow you can be sure of hunting them down without much hustle.

ten point wicked ridge invader g3

As much as speed is vital when it comes to hunting, functionality and ease of usage should also be something to consider. The design of this crossbow makes it easy to use and thus doesn’t require much emphasis and reference to the manual if one has ever used a crossbow or hunted before. This is one thing that is highly advantageous since not many individuals would be willing to use complicated bows that need fresh training to use. The assembly of this crossbow when purchased is also something to be glad about since it is quite easy to assemble and put together. You can actually complete the whole assembly in less than a minute. Again if by any chance you get stuck while doing so, the crossbow comes with a set of instructions that would enable you to assemble it since the instructions are on step by step basis.

The scope of this crossbow is easy to sight and thus making it easy for even the less experienced users who are new to hunting to use it easily without much pressure. However, when you are using crossbows even if not for the first time, safety is something to highly consider. As much as you can be well versed and experienced in the field of hunting, accidents can still happen to you just like they can happen to a newbie who has just started hunting. It is therefore very important to take caution and to note the safety precautions when in this process. Luckily enough, the manufacturers of this crossbow had safety in mind when coming up with the wicked ridge invader g3.

Safety Measures

When looking at these safety measures in detail, we can consider the following:

  • This crossbow is made in such a manner that the partially skeletal stock keeps your hand safely below the string while at the same time reducing the weight that is on the stock.
  • The foregrip is also longer on this crossbow and it has reinforced safety wings
  • The wicked ridge invader g3 is made out of durable and strong nylon material that is sure to help you stay safe when you are drawing and releasing the bow string. This is therefore making sure that you don’t miss your target and at the same time stay secure when hunting.


When it comes to performance and delivery of this crossbow, there is really much to appreciate and notice. This crossbow is made in such a manner that even a newbie in the hunting game has a chance of nailing down the prey. Its specifications and features are quite straight forward and easy to use thus enabling users to aim and hit their target effectively. One thing that enables it to aim and nail down prey effectively is its speed. As stated earlier, this crossbow has speeds of up to 330 feet per second. This means that you can aim at fast moving prey and actually nail them down easily.

detailed review

The combination of the limbs, riser and energy wheel will offer you a reliable and smooth performance effective enough to deliver a good aim. When it comes to comfort during usage, the crossbow has a 19 inch axel which makes it effective and very comfortable to use for most archers thus reducing strain and fatigue. Its 165 pound draw weight pulls smoothly and easily without much hustle and struggle to enable the hunter make just the perfect shot on the prey being targeted. As stated earlier, the agility and precise nature of this crossbow makes it almost impossible to miss a prey however fast it may seem to be. With the speed and flexibility, you are sure to nail down your prey much easier than some of the other crossbows. To top it all up, with the smoothness and accuracy of this crossbow not to forget its exquisite performance, it comes at an affordable price that is pocket friendly to many users. You not only get value for your money but also get a good product for a good amount. You get to save your money and at the same time getting quality.

Most times cheaper items are usually of low quality but not in this case.

The ten point wicked ridge invader g3 has a quiet design aside from its effective nature and agility. The assembly of the draw to be more precise, since it is smoothly put together, allows for archer to pull glides easily and without creaks or bumps. Some of the noises that crossbows produce are irritating and many people don’t like them. But when you come to this particular one, the manufacturers have tried to minimize the noises caused through noise cancellation technology. The arrow of the crossbow also releases without much unpleasant noise creation.

Wicked Ridge™ Invader G3 ACU-52 Crossbow Package

One of the best features for hunting actually in the above wicked ridge invader reviews is the noise cancellation technology. The prey and targets you have are usually very sensitive to any movement created by the environment. Most preys actually have adaptability techniques to noise in recognizing their enemies and making any slight noise during hunting can ruin your catch. The good thing about this crossbow is that you can make your shot on the target without much noise thus preventing the prey from escaping its catch. This is so important since noise would enable your prey to vanish from your presence thus ending up with nothing. The bow is so silent that even on release of the arrow, there is minimal noise created that can’t significantly create attention and alarm to the prey. This means that you can actually sneak up on your prey and make the perfect shot without much interference.


The wicked ridge invader recall has many innovative and creative features that make it to be the best bow there is right now in the market. It is these features that make this crossbow boast of being one of the most famous and used bows available. The main features that actually make this bow what it is include the dry fire inhibitor and the well-known T2 trigger. These two work hand in hand with the rest of the other parts and features to deliver excellent results when hunting for prey. The dry fire inhibitor for instance helps to prevent serious damages on the bow that can ruin its accuracy when aiming and releasing the arrow to hit the target. Thus it makes sure that the performance is top notch.

The T2 trigger on the other hand has a crispy feel that makes it easy to pull but at the same time offering just the right amount of grip required. The grip is important so that you don’t slip while targeting and aiming at your prey. Again it is not too tough so that you don’t strain while releasing your arrow to hit the target. This way you get to save your hands and at the same time nail the prey.

The wicked ridge invader bolts are perfectly fitted to enhance flexibility and movement of the crossbow when targeting and aiming at the prey. This crossbow is therefore one of the finest ones that you would find in the market and you can therefore make it your consideration if hunting is your hobby.

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